PVC Water Stops are produced by melting and shaping mixtures been obtained from Polyvinylchloride (PVC) resin, Stabilizer, Plasticizer and Antioxidant dyestuff in suitable temperature and pressure in Extruders. It complies with TS 3078, ASTM, DIN, BS, DSI norms.

    PVC Water Stops are used for providing water impermeability in expansion - contraction (structure) joints seen in concrete structures exposed to high and low water pressure and for preventing vibrations and deformations that would appear in concrete blocks.


Density / Specific gravity

1,28 (± 0.03 )g/cm 3

TSE 3078 - ASTM D 792

Hardness (23 ±1 oC)

75 (± 5 ) Shore A

TSE 3078 - ASTM D 2240

Tensile Strength

15 (+) N/mm 2

TSE 3078 - ASTM D 412

Ultimate Elongation

%200 min. - %250 ort.

TSE 3078 - ASTM D 412

Water Absorption (24 saat)

%1,5 max. by weight

TSE 3078 - ASTM D 412

Tearing resistance

18 N/mm

ASTM D 624

Ash amount

%5 max. by weight

TSE 3078

Service temperature

           (15 °C / 50 °C)

     The production of special colored according to the place that it will be used, suitable to requested specification, rubber based, special sized PVC Water Stops is performed in our factory.

     It is obligatory to leave a joint in some points of concrete and reinforced concrete structures. The joints that has been left in some parts for preventing the damages arising due to expansion or collapsing in reinforced concrete structure components are defined as expansion joint. When the cement plug used in the structure is completed, it is required to leave an expansion joint for preventing the deformation that may occur due to decrease in volume to damage the structure.

     As it is well known, the expansion and creeping actions in the structures are big and continuously repeated actions which shall not be neglected. On the other hand, the joints that the concrete pouring is stopped and then left at the place it has been restarted and that have been arranged vertically towards the pressure tensions are defined as construction joint. The joints that have been arranged in the building due to thermal expansions or ground movements show contraction. These kinds of joints are defined as contraction joint.

     Usage Areas;

Dams Hydro Electricity and Thermal Plants
Ponds Bridges
Irrigation Canals Refining Facilities
Water Cisterns Metro Constructions
Water Refining Facilities Viaducts
Swimming Pools Supporting Walls
Docks Flooring Settled on Ground and Foundations
Conduction Tunnels Industrial Structures

     Type Selection;

     In the selection of the PVC plastic band type been used in concrete works, whether to perform an application for preventing water insulation in joint or preventing action transfers or an application that contains both should be determined. Such that; if the structure has to be protected against pressurized water in the ground, the PVC water stops that will be used in the joints must be used in the surfaces of the concrete contacting with water as it will prevent leakage of water through the joints. If there is no pressurized ground water and if the transfer of dynamic actions in the joint wanted to be prevented, then central type PVC water stops been used in the center of the concrete cutoff piece would be used. If the structure is on earthquake zone or if it is constructed in places that flood event is expected intensely, a band type that will absorb the excessive stretches that may occur and that is resistant to cross directional stretches must be chosen.

     Depending to some parameters in expansion joints, a joint range arrangement between 18 mm and 50 mm must be under consideration. It is required to use special purposed bands called as closure profile for protecting the materials within the joint and the joint on visible surface of the joint or the surface of the joint that PVC water stop does not exist. These types of bands have sorts that are used during the concrete pouring and also they have sorts that are assembled from outside after the plug is completed.

PVC Water Stop Type

Application Type

Joint Types In Usage Places and Explanations


Central In fixed and without expansion construction joints and contraction joints, in low and high water pressure.
I Central In fixed and without expansion construction joints and contraction joints, in low and high water pressure.
V Central In construction and contraction joints and in joints with light expansion, in high water pressure.

Central In low, average and high level expansion joints, in shearing actions and in water pressure with all levels.
M Central In low, average and high level expansion joints, in shearing actions and in water pressure with all levels, It must be preferred in structures that collapses are too many.
In expansion joints, in intermediate level expansions or shearing actions, in low water pressure.
YI-Y Flooring In construction joints and contraction joints, in low water pressure.
Flooring For closing the joints flexibly during the concrete pouring with central or flooring profiles or independently from them.

     Application Type;

     After choosing the suitable band type according to the abovementioned matters, the following should be considered in the selection of the size of this type to be used in the joints;

Concrete Construction,
Concrete thickness,
Joint width,
The bigness level of the actions such as expansion, contraction and settling.
Water pressure height.

    In places that earthquake possibility is high or in places that expansion, contraction and settling actions in joints are high and/or the water pressure is high, the ones having the most wall thickness from the selected ones must be used. In width cross section selection of the water stop, the following formulas must be provided;
- It must be L - It must be L>6a+d,
- It must be Y>L-d/2,
- It must be x>2a, here;
- d=joint space x=the distance of PVC plastic water stop to closest equipment steel,

- L=width cross section length of PVC plastic water stop (mm),
- t=concrete thickness (mm),
- a=biggest grain diameter (mm),

- y=the distance of PVC plastic water stop to concrete surface (mm).

     The recommended width cross section lengths and wall thicknesses are given in the chart according to the various concrete thicknesses for the purpose of giving an opinion.

     Size Selection;

Concrete Thickness Band width cross section thickness Band wall thickness
t (cm) L (mm) a1 (mm) (min.)
20 100 3
20-40 150 4
35-50 200 4
40-60 250 4
50-70 300 4
60-80 350 4
80-100 400 6
100 > 500 8


      Applications demolishing the band and removing its water resistant property such as driving a nail, passing through a wire by puncturing etc. during the adding or insertion of the water stops at the construction site environment shall not be allowed.
     Additional fittings would be inserted when required for assembling the water stops at depth and measures specified in the projects and also the solution would be brought with punctured hooking or with clips.

      PVC Water Stops are produced punctured and hooked with 50 cm intervals in both sides of the band for providing convenience in assembling to fittings.
     Additional Parts and Application;

     PVC Water Stops need some apparatus for brow welding and performing special weld parts.

* Heater soldering iron with themostat
* Sharp knife
* Fiber brush
* Hot air pistol
   Some important matters to be considered during the welding.

* Cutting the edges of the brow welds properly.
* The temperature of the heater soldering iron been put between two bands to be between 150 and 180C.
* The melting to not be turned into carbonation.
* The edges to be adhered completely and properly after the soldering iron is taken.
* Shaving the solution after the melting and cooling the welded place.
* It is required to ventilate the place and to use gas mask during this process. The material must never be burned (carbonated), the place of the burned material cannot be welded.

* The special additional weld parts and apparatus of the heater soldering iron that will be used in brow (side to side) welds in the construction site environment are produced and have available in our factory according to order.
Horizontal “T” Part