SWELLBAND Swelling Waterstop


SWELLBAND is an active sodium bentonite/butyl rubber based waterstop designed to stop water infiltration through cast in place concrete construction joints by expanding upon contact with water to form a positive seal against the concrete. It also  fills the cracks and pores on the concrete.

Technical Data

Volumetric Change:

After 7 days in water

: > 100 % DIN 53521

After 14 days in water

: > 150 % DIN 53521

10 times dry/wet conversion*

: > 100 % DIN 53521

                                *1 Conversion: Remaining it 7 days dry and 7 days wet

Swelling Pressure

: > 15 bar (The result of remaining in water after 7 days)

Tensile Strength

: Not Measured. DIN 53504

Shore A Hardness

: 35 DIN 53505

Ultimate Elongation

: > 250 % DIN 53504


: 5x20 mm ( 7 m/kutu )

: 7x20 mm ( 7 m/kutu )

: 10x20 mm ( 7 m/kutu )

: 15x20 mm ( 5 m/kutu )

: 5x20 mm ( 4 m/kutu )


Usage Areas
Used for concrete joints, and intersections of old and new concretes in the construction of pools, foundations, tunnels, menholes, retaining walls, garages, curtain walls, water deposits, water purification facilities and pipe penetrations into above  mentioned constructions.

Very easy workmanship. One person can apply up to 130 meters per hour.
Easy application even with great amounts of rebar.
Connecting seams requires only putting together side by side and pressing.
Packaged as 7 meter rolls so that one can easily apply it alone.

Surface Preparation
The surface must be clean and dry. It must not be applied to wet, frozen, greasy or dusty surfaces, and under wet weather conditions.

Roll out required amount of SWELLBAND.
Firmly press the entire length of it onto concrete. In vertical and overhead applications, press for at least 15 seconds for perfect adherence.
Make sure waterstop covers all parts of the surface, especially for surfaces which are not perfect in shape.
Use swell-fix primer when necessary.
Put together coil ends side by side or end to end; do not overlap. Remove silicon paper and pour concrete carefully and indirectly.

Depends on length.

7 meter roll in cardboard box.
Dimension: 7 mm x 2 cm x 7 meters

Shelf-Life And Storage
SWELLBAND has a shelf life of min. 1 years starting from production date when stored unopened, in dry and cool conditions.