DILATAPE Elastic Sealing Tape for Waterproofing Joints and Irregular Cracks


DILATAPE is a thermoplastic tape for sealing joints, expansion and dilatation joints and irregular cracks.
DILATAPE is UV resistant, highly elastic and can withstand extreme movements of the joint.


Technical Data



Standart of Test


: Special PVC


: Grey


: 1 mm

Elongation at break

: >%400

EN 12311-2

Tensile strength

: >20 N/mm

EN 12311-2

Chemical resistance

Water and bitumen based waterproofing products, water, Sea water, waste water,
UV radiation, hydrolysis, micro organisms  

Resistance to cold / heat

: -30°C /+80°C No cracks

EN 495-5

Fire Class

: Class E

EN 13501-1

Resistance to water pressure

: > 8 Bar

EN 1928

Tear resistance

: >160 N/mm

EN 12310-2

Resistance to UV radiation

: >5000 Hours

EN 1297


: 82

Shore A

Tensile strength of epoxy

: >20 N/mm

 DIN 16860

Usage Areas
Waterproofing horizontal and vertical dilatation joints.
Waterproofing wide and irregular cracks.
For example:
Terraces and balconies, facades, wet rooms, foundations and curtain walls, concrete pipes, water basins, swimming pools, dilatation joints, tunnels, car parks, power plants,wastewater tanks, waste water treatment plants etc.

UV resistant
Permanently elastic, even at low temperatures
Good adhesion to concrete, mortar, steel and many other building materials
Resistant to puncturing and tearing, also easy to repair
Easy application of adhesive and tape
Easy to cut, weld (hot air) and join
Resistant to constant exposure to water
Resistant to roots
Surface preparation
Surfaces must be clean, sound and dry. On damp surfaces, the pull off strength should be tested. Dust, oil, grease, old coatings, laitance,efflorescence, rust, curing compounds, wax, formwork release oil and similar contaminants must be removed prior to application.

1. EPOX 220 is applied to the prepared substrate on both sides of the joint so that both sides of the DILATAPE are embedded into the adhesive on a width of at least 50 mm. The layer thickness of the EPOX 220 should be approx. 2 mm.
2.The DILATAPE is then immediately embedded into the fresh adhesive and pressed onto the adhesive using a hand roller or a similar suited tool. Make sure that the tape has good contact to the adhesive everywhere.
3. Then, a second layer of EPOX 220 is applied on top of the DILATAPE so that the edges of the DILATAPE are overcoated on a width of min. 50 mm. Also, apply EPOX 220 so that it covers the substrate next to the tape on a width of at least 30  mm.Do not stress the system for at least 24 - 48 hours after application. Protect the freshly applied system from water, rain and frost until it is fully cured.

2,0 kg of EPOX 220 per meter of DILATAPE

Rolls with 30 cm width and 30 meter length.

Cleaning of tools
Fresh epoxy adhesive can be removed with cleaner.
Cured material can only be removed mechanically.